Meet Greg Candle

Greg Candle is a storyteller, songwriter, author and entertainer living near Asheville, North Carolina. He is the creator of a place he calls Bunkum County — a place “where days are sweet and time moseys on.”

To attend his performance is to experience the people, places and events of Bunkum County. Greg does this through his humorous and heartfelt stories and songs many of which are taken from his book, A Bunkum  County Almanak, and its companion recording, “The Ballads of Bunkum County”.

Greg has performed for several years in Ohio and surrounding states and now brings his brand of bunkum to western North Carolina.

Greg grew up in small town Waldo, Ohio. A town famous for it’s bologna and baloney. He spent most weekends and summers at his grandparents’ dairy farm. To visit their farm was to step back in time. Greg’s visits mostly involved work, and it was there that he “volunteered” to haul manure with a pitchfork, to collect and clean chicken eggs with a just a basket and a rag soaked with hot water, to buck bales of hay, to shear sheep, and, of course, to milk cows by hand. Those early days are what Greg uses as the palette for his stories and songs. After graduation from Waldo H.S. he attended Ohio State University where he received his Bachelors degree in education. He went to Kent State for his Masters then taught for twelve years before returning to college to obtain his Ph.D.

In his late thirties Greg finally decided to put down his post hole digger in favor of a banjo and has been writing and performing ever since.

Greg Candle

Greg Candle